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Waylay connects the Internet-of-Things to your business

Aerion Solutions Oy is a Waylay partner in Finland. Our consultants are Waylay certified experts.

Waylay is Sigfox certified IoT orchestration platform, which allows integrating devices to existing or upcoming systems with ease. Waylay offers multiple integration API interface options out-of-the-box, and allows organizations to create their own. Integrations are typically done over REST API interfaces, but integrations can also be done on local database level if required.

Waylay provides an easy to use graphical user interface, where the logical connections and workflows connecting Sigfox devices to business processes and underlying systems will be done.

Waylay Workflox Engine

Waylay provides two-way integration to internal and external systems for connecting cloud based and on premises systems.

The Waylay installation also includes Dashboards to visualize the devices and the data they have transmitted.

We offer the following in a Waylay trial to our customers:

  • 3-5 Sigfox devices provided by Aerion Solutions or customer provides themselves
  • Sigfox network connectivity
  • Waylay platform trial
  • Integrations to backend systems: Servicedesk, email, ERP etc.

Ask for more information or request a demo/trial here

More information about Waylay:

Waylay Brochure - Waylay connects Sigfox to your business (PDF)

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