Symantec Workflow Solution Advanced Training (1 day)

Training Objective

This training is targeted to users who have hands-on experience with Symantec Workflow Solution and want to learn advanced tips and tricks and how to utilize complex components.

Training Organization

Participants can select to utilize a virtual server which we supply in VMWare format (participant is responsible to have capable hardware to run the virtual machine) or to use an RDP connection into a pre-provisioned virtual machine in the cloud we make available (internet connection required). 

Dates, Location and Registration

This training is offered on demand and can be held in our classroom or onsite at the customer. To request a training date and register participants, please contact us.

Training Agenda

Day 1

  • Integration with Microsoft SQL Server: Working with the "Table Generator" component to read and write data
  • Using the "Grid" component to view, select and edit data from Microsoft SQL Server and how to make it work in all common browsers
  • Integration with Symantec SMP 7.5: How to retrieve data from the Symantec CMDB which follows the SMP scope based security (only see resources in Workflow Solution to which you have access in the SMP/CMDB)
  • Using encryption components to store and retrieve data securely to/from external sources
  • Integration with external systems through Workflow SOAP integration webservices components
  • How to create auto-start and monitoring workflows and according usecases